Frankincense Hydrosol

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Size: 120 ml

Scientific name: Boswellia serrata

Extraction Method: Steam distillation

Origen: Pakistan

100% organic



  1. Meditative & Balancing
  • Rebalance pH and soothe acne, blemishes, cuts, wounds, or sores.
  • Safe for sensitive skin due to its antimicrobial properties.
  • Promotes balance and soothes blemishes and irritations when sprayed on the face.
  • Suitable for normal, blemish-prone, and sensitive skin types.

How to Use:

    • Mist liberally on clean skin before moisturizing in your daily skincare routine.
    • Revitalize and mist throughout the day.
    • Can be used as a hydrating facial toner, body care product, and hair care product.
    • Safe for the entire family.
    • For additional benefits, blend with Pranarom organic vegetable oils and/or essential oils.
  1. Multifaceted Applications
  • Used in skin care recipes, meditation, energy work, fragrance blends, and aromatherapy preparations.
  • Offers a unique aroma with notes similar to frankincense resin tears and essential oil.
  • Produced through water-steam distillation in the United States from organic Boswellia carteri resin.
  • Suitable for cosmetic use.
  1. Complexion – Skincare
  • Spritz frankincense hydrosol on your face throughout the day for a radiant, clear complexion.
  1. Relax – Meditation
  • Use frankincense hydrosol in your diffuser instead of water to create a peaceful atmosphere for meditation.
  1. Breathe – Cold Season
  • Gargle with frankincense hydrosol during the cold season to help calm your throat and breathe easier.
  1. Therapeutic and Energetic Uses of Frankincense Hydrosol:
  • Enhances meditation and energy healing.
  • Offers energetic protection of the auric field.
  • Helps dry up excess mucus and expel phlegm from the lungs.
  • Deepens and expands breathing.
  • Useful in acupuncture on the lung meridian.
  • May be beneficial for mouth and gum infections.
  • Believed to attract angels and dispel negative energies.
  • Wonderful for space clearing.
  1. The Essence of Frankincense Hydrosol
  • Fresh and resinous aroma with ethereal qualities, accompanied by spice and woody undertones.
  • Contains soothing compounds called Boswellic acids, known for enhancing comfort in the body, joints, and skin.
  • Historically used for spiritual and medicinal purposes, dating back to ancient civilizations.
  • Frankincense was highly valued during the spice trade, even more than gold.
  1. The Process and Benefits of Frankincense Hydrosol
  • Produced through steam or hydro distillation of Boswellia Carteri resin.
  • Also known as herbal distillates, essential waters, hydrolats, and herbal waters.
  • Offers a superior aroma and properties compared to pure essential oil.
  • Acts as a skin-healer with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and analgesic properties.
  • Improves skin texture and tone.
  • Safer and gentler than pure essential oils, suitable for sensitive systems, including children, the elderly, and pets.
  • Can be used as a refreshing skin-toning facial spray for softer, more delicate skin texture.
  • Deepens breathing and aids in opening airways, drying mucus, and expelling phlegm.
  • No dilution required for use, except for children and pets.
  1. Ways to Use Frankincense Hydrosol
  • Toner Recipe:

Combine 50ml Witch Hazel, 25ml Rose Water, and 25ml Frankincense Hydrosol in a spray bottle.

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