Lemon Peel Hydrosol


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Size: 120 ml

Scientific name: Citrus limon

Extraction Method: Steam distillation

Origen: Pakistan

100% organic

  1. What is Lemon Hydrosol?
    • Lemon Hydrosol, also known as lemon flower water, is a by-product of the steam distillation process used to extract essential oils from lemon peels.
    • It is made from evaporated and condensed lemon juice, preserving many beneficial properties of the fruit.
  2. Antibacterial Properties
    • Lemon Hydrosol possesses antibacterial properties that can effectively kill acne-causing bacteria and treat live breakouts.
    • It can regulate oil production, making it beneficial for oily or combination skin.
  3. Skin Brightening and Spot Lightening
    • Lemon Hydrosol is rich in vitamin C and citric acid, which contribute to lightening dark spots and brightening the skin.
    • Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, protecting the skin from environmental stressors and improving overall appearance.
    • Citric acid exfoliates the skin, removing dead cells and revealing a brighter, more even complexion.
  4. Versatile Uses
    • Lemon Hydrosol can be directly applied to the skin as a toner or mixed with carrier oil or lotion for added hydration.
    • It can be used as a facial mist to refresh and revitalize the skin throughout the day.

Internal Detoxification and Mental Focus


  1. Adding a splash of Lemon Hydrosol to morning water acts as a safer alternative to essential oil.
  2. It detoxifies internally and provides a refreshing, brisk lemony taste.
  3. Lemon Hydrosol helps clear the mind, increase mental focus, and enhance concentration.

Stimulates White Blood Cell Production

  1. Lemon Hydrosol is believed to stimulate white blood cell production, potentially aiding in warding off infections.
  2. It can be used in a hot compress to assist with boils.

Household Applications

  1. Lemon Hydrosol can be used as a room or counter spray to cut grease on surfaces and leave a fresh, clean aroma.

Beauty Benefits


  1. High in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and other compounds, making it a beauty hydrosol.
  2. Treats acne, reduces pigmentation and is used in skincare and cosmetic products.
  3. Acts as an anti-aging toner, reversing sun damage and preventing premature aging.
  4. Provides a relaxing and calming effect on the mind and soul, creating a cheerful surrounding.
  5. Natural treatment for skin and scalp allergies, including infections like athlete’s foot and dandruff.


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