Diffuser Cab

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Brand: Azbah Essentials
Color: Black, white

250 ml

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Chargeable Diffusers:

Elevating Your Atmosphere with Convenience and Style

About this item: • USB, PORTABLE HUMIDIFIER:

 Embrace Moisture on the Go

  • Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, cars, and offices
  • Conveniently plugs into any USB port for easy use
  • Replenishes moisture, alleviating dry and itchy skin
  • Provides a soothing and tranquil experience
  • SILENT MODE OPERATION: Serenity in Sound
  • Low noise level (30 dB) ensures peaceful surroundings
  • Sleep and work undisturbed with this whisper-quiet device
  • 2 SPRAY MODES: Personalized Moisture Control
  • Continuous spray mode for 4 hours of steady mist
  • Intermittent spray mode for 6 hours of periodic mist release
  • AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF: Worry-Free Usage
  • Smart feature automatically shuts off when water is depleted
  • Enjoy hassle-free operation without constant monitoring
  • ESSENTIAL OILS DIFFUSER: Indulge in Aromatic Bliss
  • Compatible with water-soluble essential oils for fragrance infusion
  • Surround yourself with delightful scents in your room and office
  • COLORFUL LIGHT: Aesthetics and Ambiance
  • Mini air humidifier includes a vibrant light option
  • Create a calming atmosphere or use it as a gentle night light

Colors Available: • Black, White, pink

1 review for Diffuser Cab

  1. Hina Rehman

    Amazing product 👍
    Fast delivery and cooperative vendor👍

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