Rose Essential Oil


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Size: 120 ml

Scientific name: Rosa rubiginosa

Extraction Method: Steam distillation

Origen: Pakistan

100% organic


Rose Essential oil according to researchers

Essential oils can affect the skin cellular function after topical application, while they provide antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant benefits on the scalp, promoting an increase in the hair shaft density, cleaning effect on the hair bulb, and strengthening of the entire bulb/stem system. Due to these and other reasons (i.e., the natural source precedence and the low toxicity), several cosmetic products containing EOs are available on the market promoting therapeutic action on both scalp and hair shaft conditioning (Kynes et al.,2019, Vangipuram ,2007)

Rose Essential oil

Introduction: Rose essential oil is a remarkable natural remedy that offers a plethora of medicinal and health benefits. Extracted from the delicate blossoms of roses, this aromatic oil has been used for centuries due to its therapeutic properties. In this article, we will delve into the captivating world of rose essential oil and explore its diverse benefits. Let us embark on this journey of discovery, unraveling the magic of this precious oil.

Soothing the Mind and Easing Anxiety

May Reduce Anxiety

  • Boosts self-esteem, confidence, and mental strength
  • Efficaciously fights anxiety and promotes relaxation
  • Proven to lower anxiety levels during childbirth, as suggested by research from two Iranian universities

Nurturing and Beautifying the Skin

2.1 May Aid in Skin Care

  • Controls skin texture and addresses keratinocyte differentiation-related skin diseases
  • Assists in fading scars, stretch marks, surgery scars, and pregnancy-related skin issues
  • Accelerates healing processes due to its antioxidant activity

 Calming Inflammation and Promoting Healing

 May Help Sedate Inflammation

  • Soothes patients with high fever by sedating inflammation
  • Beneficial in cases of inflammation caused by microbial infection or ingestion of poisonous materials
  • Exhibits antinociceptive properties, aiding in pain relief

May Treat Wounds

  • Ancient Persian medicine utilized rose oil for its anti-infective properties
  • Topical application after dilution with a carrier oil can aid in wound healing

Relaxing Spasms and Promoting Well-being

May Relieve Spasms

  • Efficiently alleviates respiratory, intestinal, and muscular spasms
  • Effective in treating convulsions, muscle pulls, cramps, and spasmodic cholera

Shielding Against Viruses and Boosting Libido

May Protect Against Viruses

  • Acts as an antiviral agent, safeguarding against various infections
  • Proven to be effective against multiple types of viruses

 Can Act as an Aphrodisiac

  • Enhances romantic feelings and boosts libido
  • Arouses and invokes desire, reducing symptoms of sexual dysfunction

Battling Bacteria and Purifying the Blood

May Eliminate Bacteria

  • Exhibits bactericidal properties, combating bacterial infections
  • Treats internal and external bacterial infections in various body parts

May Purify the Blood

  • Removes and neutralizes toxins, purifying the blood
  • Guards against skin diseases, cancer, and heart diseases caused by free radicals

Easing Menstruation and Preventing Excessive Bleeding

May Help Ease Menstruation

  • Relieves stomach discomfort, cramps, and fatigue associated with menstruation
  • Effective for those with obstructed and irregular menses
  • Eases symptoms of post-menopausal syndrome

May Prevent Excessive Bleeding

  • Aids in clotting and coagulation, preventing excessive bleeding after injury or surgery

Section 8: Preventing Toxicity and Embracing Other Benefits

May Prevent Toxicity

  • Serves as a gentle laxative with a pleasing scent
  • Clears bowels, aids in weight loss, and prevents excessive toxicity

Other Benefits

  • Regulates hormone production and promotes balanced hormones
  • Enhances skin health, providing a youthful and fresh appearance
  • Elevates mood, promotes circulation, and aids in the treatment of various ailments

Harnessing the Power of Rose Essential Oil

How to Use Rose Essential Oil?

  • Dilute the potent oil before use, blending it with carrier oils such as coconut, jojoba, sweet almond, or argan oil
  • Enjoy a relaxing bath by adding 5-7 drops of rose oil to a carrier oil-infused warm bath
  • Soothe your feet with a foot soak using diluted rose essential oil in warm water
  • Promote calmness by diffusing rose essential oil or applying diluted oil to wrists, neck, and chest


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